We are bringing peace of mind to new parents.

We listened to hundreds of parents across the country tell us about what they really need and where the current options fell short. We created Pacify for one reason: provide low-cost, high-quality healthcare services to new and expecting parents, relieving their anxieties and keeping them and their children healthier.

Pacify is committed to five key values in support of our mission:

Clinical excellence

Research clearly demonstrates that breast milk provides superior health, nutritional, economic, and emotional benefits to both mom and baby. We use approaches that have strong, evidence-based support to increase breastfeeding rates and support new parents.


Pacify is committed to following the breastfeeding recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization (WHO). We are also committed to empathy, and our goal is never to make a Pacify user feel defensive, anxious, or insufficient.

Health equity

Pacify believes everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to be healthier. This requires removing obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education and housing, safe environments, and health care.


Pacify is committed to bringing the best technologies to the toughest public health problems. We believe telehealth can continue to improve the well-being and happiness of our users, and innovation will always be at the core of what we do!


Pacify is building a team of mission-driven, high-achieving, public health warriors! None of the above matters if we can’t attract, cultivate, and retain the best people.


The Pacify Promise

Pacify is committed to helping all new moms and dads - especially those who can’t afford a subscription or who have needs that go beyond what we offer. At Pacify we talk about a dual mission: build a sustainable company and make healthcare better for new families. We promise to do both, and we aim never to turn a family away.

That means looking for ways to do more, whether it’s creating a scholarship for aspiring lactation consultants or prolonging the membership of a low-income family that just needs another week of support. We’re open to other ideas, too, so don’t be shy! Contact us if you think of creative ways for us to better live this promise. It’s the reason we come to the office each day!

Meet the Pacify team

Daniel Abrams

Chief Technology Officer

George Brandes

Co-founder & CEO

Melanie Silverman, MS, RD, IBCLC

Chief Clinical Officer

Shelley DuBois

VP, Marketing

Katelyn McAdams

Executive Director, Government and Public Health Programs

Felicia Pease

VP, Client Success

Courtney Beglin

Creative Director

Nicole Evanson

Director of Inside Sales

Hayley Sykes

Senior Manager, Client Success

Alex Foley

Chief Security Officer

Yohana Tagodoe

Client Success Manager

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