The perfect

baby shower gift

Pacify's baby shower gift is an exclusive membership that offers unlimited video visits with maternal and pediatric experts, 24/7 - no appointments, no waiting. When you give Pacify, you give true peace of mind.

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Give the ultimate gift: peace of mind

Every parent has questions about their baby’s health, but getting expert help isn’t easy. Pacify changes all of that. Pacify gives mom instant access 24/7 to Lactation Consultants and Nurses right from her smartphone. Our specialists answer all of her questions so she can stop Googling and spend more time with her bundle of joy.


Pacify’s gift membership is all-inclusive

Instantaneous support

With Pacify, mom is always connected in three minutes or less. No appointments. No waiting.

Unlimited access

With expert advice accessible at the touch of a button, never put off seeking clinical attention again.

Around-the-clock care

Providers are available 24/7 so mom can get help on her schedule. With Pacify, give support that never sleeps.

4.8/5 Star Rating

Our users are asked to provide a rating after every call, and we're proud to maintain a 4.8/5 star rating across thousands of clinical interactions.

Vital support, delivered with style


Every gift subscription includes a deluxe gift box with a Pacify onesie and a hand written note that we’ll mail to the lucky mom in your life.


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3 months of unlimited access to Pacify, deluxe gift, and free shipping. 

That's less than the cost of a single visit with a lactation consultant!