Nutrition while breastfeeding

When you breastfeed, eating the right foods is really important to stay healthy and have enough energy to care for your baby. Instead of talking about what you shouldn't eat, let's focus on what you absolutely need in your diet:
Get lots of fiber
Fiber in your diet is key for making high-quality breast milk for your baby. The easiest way to add fiber to your diet is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also get good, healthy fiber from oatmeal, beans and whole wheat bread.
Choose fresh foods
Eating meals made with fresh ingredients can help you keep your sodium intake down, as fresh food has much less salt than processed or pre-packaged foods.
Eat good fats
The idea that fat is bad for you is a myth! Good fats include foods such as nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and fish. Make sure to include plenty of these sources of fat in your diet.
Drink plenty of water
Water will hydrate you, whereas sugary drinks have no nutritional value. To spice up your water, infuse it with apple slices and cinnamon or wedges of citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges. You'll get all the benefits of drinking water with a more interesting taste!

Can I take medications while breastfeeding?

While you should always consult your doctor before taking new medications while breastfeeding, there are few medications that are known to impact milk supply or infant health. You should, however, limit your caffeine intake to about 300 mg per day.

Talk to your healthcare provider about any vitamin or mineral supplements you may need while breastfeeding. You can see a complete list of medications and how they may or may not affect breastfeeding at the NIH's Drugs and Lactation Database website, or call the Infant Risk Center at (806) 352-2519.

It can be extremely difficult to take care of yourself when you’re breastfeeding a new baby. But eating fresh, balanced meals and staying hydrated will give you and your baby all the nutrients you need. Remember to ask for help if you need it. 
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