Public Health Director highlighted in Alumni Magazine

Laura Stokes visiting with clients
Stokes speaks with families during breastfeeding support groups at
Mary’s Center in Northwest Washington.

Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology highlights Pacify Director, Laura H. Stokes, in a recent alumni spotlight:

Laura Stokes ’13 impacts women’s health through Pacify work.

While she was an undergraduate student studying Policy Analysis and Management, Stokes earned minors in inequality and global health. Early in her sophomore year, she found a work-study position at the Learning Web, a local nonprofit organization that provides services to homeless and at-risk youth.

“Working with homeless teen parents who had recently aged out of foster care was eye-opening, heart-breaking, and motivating,” Stokes says. “It showed me how much harder marginalized parents had to work to meet the basic needs of their child.”

Working with homeless teen parents who had recently aged out of foster care was eye-opening, heart-breaking, and motivating.

Stokes became increasingly passionate about maternal and child health after completing a field experience in East Africa. As a volunteer with a Tanzanian NGO, she lived in a rural village with a host family and conducted community health assessments that were used to design educational and awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS.

Stokes will celebrate her 4th year anniversary as a Pacify team member in June 2019. Prior to joining Pacify, she worked as a Public Health Associate at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Stokes’ current role as the Director of Public Health Programs allows her plenty of opportunities to partner with communities and public institutions. Pacify currently provides statewide telelactation services to the departments of health in Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Nevada, and the District of Columbia.

“The opportunity to work with people at all levels of the public health system is very rewarding, as is feedback we get from parents explaining how a Pacify provider ‘talked them off a ledge,’” Stokes said. “I hope that Pacify shows how technology can be used to fill gaps in care and deliver services in a way that is enjoyable for both patients and providers.”

Stokes shares information about Pacify during a national breastfeeding event

Planning and launching our very first partnerships with Mary’s Center and the DC Breastfeeding Coalition were also highlights of my career in public health.

Stokes celebrates with WIC Directors from Nevada and the District of Columbia after they presented findings at a national conference.

As an advocate of community-driven public health initiatives, I am honored to be able to spend time working alongside organizations that are led by bold women who center equity, inclusion, and innovation.

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