Bridging Medicaid & WIC for Maternal Health

A lack of coordination between Medicaid and WIC misses a massive opportunity to increase access to healthcare and social services and improve outcomes for mothers and infants


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To better understand support programs available to the populations we serve, Pacify conducted a national survey of more than 500 Medicaid-eligible birth parents. Parents were asked about how they engage with their Medicaid health plan, WIC programs and the healthcare system.

Results suggest that while Medicaid-eligible parents appreciate their health plan and trust their doctors for medical advice, WIC programs hold the key to influencing behavior.


  • While 55% of respondents said they were extremely likely to recommend their Medicaid health plan to another pregnant parent, 76% of respondents said they were extremely likely to recommend WIC to another pregnant parent.
  • 80% of respondents who participated in WIC said they were likely to participate in another service offered by the program, whereas 71% of respondents said they were either likely or very likely to use another service offered by their Medicaid health plan.
  • 58% of respondents said they trusted their Medicaid health plan more than their WIC clinic for healthcare advice.

Download the report to learn how you can leverage opportunities to coordinate care for your organization.

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