Looming maternal and infant health crisis:

Study finds COVID-19’s risk to vaccination and breastfeeding rates could trigger huge jump in medical spending and maternal mortality


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To better understand new mothers’ concerns and perspectives during the pandemic, Pacify Health conducted a survey of 1,000 new and expecting moms across the country in May 2020. The survey conducted by Pacify Health was specifically aimed at understanding how COVID-19 has affected mothers’ perceptions of and plans around in-person care, the value of breastfeeding, need for lactation support, and the role of telemedicine.

  • The proportion of mothers who intend to breastfeed has increased during COVID-19.

  • However, a majority of all moms anticipate challenges in continuing to breastfeed their babies because of COVID-19.

  • Anticipated difficulty of breastfeeding is particularly high among mothers covered by Medicaid, Black and Hispanic mothers, and mothers of NICU babies.

  • COVID-19 puts vaccination and breastfeeding rates increasingly at-risk, as 70% of new and expecting moms are concerned about in-person visits post-delivery.

  • Just a 5% drop in breastfeeding rates could cost the US healthcare system >$320m in medical spending annually and increase maternal mortality by >30%.

  • Telemedicine may offer a remedy, with nearly 60% of new moms expressing a strong preference to receive virtual lactation support as opposed to an in-person lactation consultation.

About Pacify Health

Pacify Health was founded on the idea that more can be done to use mobile technology to help families access excellent prenatal and pediatric care. Pacify’s industry-leading mobile platform provides instantaneous, 24/7 support to new mothers. Mothers who download the app can connect via video-visit with clinicians including nurses and lactation consultants. There are no appointments or scheduling, and calls are answered in an average of less than 30 seconds. Pacify serves a diverse range of mothers via contracts with leading hospitals, employers, Medicaid managed care companies, state Departments of Health, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, and breast pump manufacturers. In 2019, Pacify was acquired by Advantia Health as part of its commitment to continued investment in technologies that improve the lives and health of women and their families.

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