Pacify improves health by extending rates of breastfeeding initiation, duration, and exclusivity


Increase in breastfeeding rates

Among Mississippi WIC participants nine months after implementing statewide Pacify program (as reported by Mississippi State Department of Health)


Greater likelihood of exclusive breastfeeding

At 3 and 6 months among MS WIC participants that downloaded Pacify compared with participants that did not (as reported by MSDH)


Increase in breastfeeding initiation rates

Among DC WIC participants 12 months after implementing a District-wide Pacify program (as reported by The District of Columbia Department of Health)

Research and evaluation shows Pacify positively impacts public health
  • Clinical support is available on-demand, 24/7, in both English and Spanish

  • Effective in both rural communities and urban centers

  • Customizable to include access to existing clinical services

  • Detailed reports improve the continuum of care for patients and providers

  • Valuable resource for parents and the clinicians who serve them

Pacify helps parents navigate the healthcare system and increases the appropriate use of health care services and resources

MOMS Orange County

California-based home visiting program reported among women enrolled in Pacify:


11 month claims analysis reported among women enrolled in Pacify:



Decrease in ER visits


Increase in pediatric visits


Increase in prenatal visits


Increase in maternal postpartum visits

Pacify improves the satisfaction for parents, providers, and staff

4.8/5 Stars

Average caller rating

Pacify reduces healthcare costs

11 Month Medicaid Claims Analysis
Average per member savings $850
Qualitative research showed:
“Telelactation was convenient and efficient, provided a needed service in rural areas lacking breastfeeding support services, and increased maternal breastfeeding confidence. Telelactation was noted to have several advantages over in-person and telephone-based support.”
Telemedicine and E-Health, 2018

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Qualitative feedback summarizing Pacify’s positive impact on patient and staff satisfaction is available in the Mississippi WIC Case Study and "Telelactation Via Mobile App."

Quantitative research on the effectiveness of telelactation is available at "Expanding Rural Access to Breastfeeding Support Via Telehealth: The Tele-MILC Trial" and "The emergence and promise of telelactation."