Tips for traveling with your baby


Flying with your little one for the first time? Don't worry, even experienced travelers can get a tad nervous about the baby-travel combo. But here's the good news – we've got some fantastic tips to ensure your journey is as smooth as a lullaby, both for you and your baby!

Don't forget to pack your baby's birth certificate or immunization record as a form of ID.

While they might not always check, some airlines may require proof of age, especially if your little one looks like they might be over the age of two.

Whenever possible, aim for a direct flight: Less time in transit equals fewer chances for baby meltdowns and fewer logistics to juggle. If a nonstop flight isn't an option, consider choosing a flight with a longer layover than your usual preference. This gives you ample time to change those dirty diapers, feed your little one, and comfortably make it to your next gate.

Timing is everything: Book your flight during your baby's best time of day. Most babies are at their happiest in the morning and can get a bit cranky as the evening approaches. So, travel when your baby's in their best mood to make the journey smoother for everyone.

Arrive at the airport with time to spare: Traveling with a baby means more baggage, a bit more maneuvering through security, bathroom breaks to ensure your baby starts the flight with a fresh diaper, and time for feeding if needed. To dodge stress, aim to get to the airport early. This way, you'll feel as relaxed as possible when you finally board the plane.

Gate check your baby's gear: Most airlines let parents gate-check baby gear like strollers and car seats for free. It safeguards your pricey items from the cargo hold's rough treatment. Look into travel bags from your gear's manufacturer; some offer guarantees if you use their bags, giving you peace of mind.

Pack extra baby necessities: Be ready for the unexpected by packing spare diapers, bottles, and extra outfits for you and your baby. You never know when delays will strike, especially when dealing with surprise diaper emergencies! Bring extra snacks or formula if needed. Weather delays can be a real game-changer, so avoid getting hangry!

Dress your baby for comfort: Layer up your little one for the flight. A comfy baby is a happy baby, and layers make it easier to adapt to temperature changes onboard and at your destination.

Happy ears for your baby: To ease ear pressure, encourage sucking during takeoff and landing. Have a bottle or pacifier handy. Remember, breast milk is exempt from the 3.4-ounce liquid rule.

Entertain your baby: Keep your baby occupied during the flight with a few toys from your diaper bag. If they're into videos or games on a device, don't forget headphones to keep fellow passengers happy.

Stay calm: Your baby tunes into your vibes, so the calmer you are, the better they'll feel. Remember, people travel with babies all the time. Even if your little one has a meltdown, you won't see those fellow passengers again.

Safe travels, mamas! You've got this.

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