Top reasons why you should have a Birth Doula


Discover the game-changing role of doulas in childbirth as we delve into insightful interviews with industry experts. From virtual support to hands-on assistance, explore how platforms like Pacify are reshaping the birthing experience. Learn why more expecting parents are turning to doulas for personalized care and guidance.

When you first discovered you were expecting, it's likely you dove headfirst into the vast sea of pregnancy-related information, consulting Dr. Google and swapping stories with friends about the wild ride ahead. Amidst these discussions, the idea of hiring a doula probably popped up more than once. We understand that deciding to bring a doula into your birth experience is no small feat. It's like welcoming a new member into your inner circle during one of life's most intimate and significant chapters. So, why would you choose to enlist the support of a birth doula?

Let's start with the basics – what exactly does a doula do? According to DONA International, the global authority on doulas, a doula is: "a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to their client before, during, and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible."

In simpler terms, think of a birth doula as your personal coach through the journey of childbirth, a trusted guidebook to navigate these pivotal moments. Their sole focus is to stand by you every step of the way. It's important to note that while doulas offer unwavering support, they are not medical professionals and won't be delivering your baby. Instead, they step into a role once filled by mothers, sisters, and community elders, offering a unique perspective and expertise separate from your familial support system. Now, let's delve into the top five reasons why hiring a birth doula could be one of the best decisions you make for your childbirth journey.

The data speaks volumes

Numerous studies highlight the profound impact of having a birth doula on your childbirth experience.

Recent findings indicate that:

  • Including a doula in your birth team can reduce the overall cesarean rate by 28%.
  • It also leads to shorter labor durations.
  • There's a significant 31% decrease in the use of oxytocin.
  • Plus, there's a notable decrease in requests for epidurals.

Beyond these quantitative benefits, individuals giving birth consistently report a more positive and enjoyable pregnancy and childbirth experience with a doula by their side.

A personal focus on you

Throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, much of the attention naturally centers around the baby. While this is entirely understandable, it's equally crucial that the birthing individual and their support network receive comprehensive support.

With a birth doula, you have someone solely dedicated to your well-being. They prioritize understanding your needs, identifying the most effective support mechanisms, ensuring your comfort, and empowering you to advocate for yourself. Since doulas are not engaged in medical tasks, their undivided attention remains on your emotional and comfort needs during childbirth. While we deeply value the expertise of nurses, doctors, and midwives, their primary focus rightly lies in the medical aspects of your birth. However, having a doula ensures uninterrupted attention to your emotional and comfort needs throughout the birthing process.

Supporting your partner's role

There's a misconception surrounding the role of a doula, suggesting that their presence might overshadow or diminish the role of your partner. Allow us to dispel this myth. Birth doulas are extensively trained to ensure your partner remains actively engaged and integral to the entire journey.

Many partners express feeling more at ease with a doula present, as they become an additional pillar of support and a source of guidance. With a doula by your side, your partner can choose their level of involvement, whether it's assisting with comfort measures, offering emotional support, or simply savoring the unfolding moments. Additionally, doulas acknowledge that not every pregnant person has a partner, and they are adept at providing support in all circumstances.

Crafting your customized plan

While most doulas offer standard service packages on their websites, these are merely starting points. There's ample flexibility to tailor a plan that suits YOUR unique needs.

Collaborating with your doula, you can design a service package that addresses every aspect important to you throughout pregnancy and birth. This might involve additional prenatal visits, specific comfort measures tailored to your preferences, or extra sessions involving your partner or other support persons. Doulas are adept at customizing their approach to meet the individual desires of each client, ensuring the most effective solutions are in place.

Moreover, doulas boast an intimate knowledge of their communities. They're equipped with a treasure trove of referrals for anything you might require concerning pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support.

A treasure trove of tips and tricks

Engaging a doula means gaining access to a wealth of insights and expertise amassed over their career. From labor techniques to unique comfort measures, empowering affirmations, and beyond, your doula brings a wealth of wisdom to the table. While you may be navigating pregnancy and childbirth for the first or second time, your doula's extensive experience in the birthing realm ensures you're in capable hands. They're adept at providing targeted information, sparing you the overwhelm of endless Google searches by offering concise, reassuring guidance.

Whether you're facing prolonged labor or seeking guidance on breastfeeding techniques postpartum, your doula is armed with a repertoire of strategies to enhance your well-being. Throughout your journey together, you'll glean invaluable insights from your doula, akin to enjoying a comforting cup of tea wrapped in a cozy blanket.

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