How to make the most out of virtual doulas


Let's explore how to maximize the benefits of virtual doula support, empowering you through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey with confidence.

Learn about different types of doula care

Considering a doula? Think about the kind of support you're seeking and the timing. For antepartum care, a doula can guide you through the challenges leading up to childbirth. For postpartum concerns, they're available through phone or video chats to help with breastfeeding and more. Even with restrictions on in-person assistance, virtual doula services remain a robust support option.

Understand your birth facility may affect the level of doula care allowed

The birth facility you choose can impact the doula support you receive. While some hospitals have strict policies, others are more accommodating to doulas. Researching doula services and how they can be integrated with your chosen birth place is crucial, especially for coordinating care under current restrictions.

Prenatal preparation

A doula serves as a vital source of knowledge and support during pregnancy. Even through virtual means, doulas offer regular check-ins and guidance. They focus on your wellbeing, suggesting holistic techniques for managing common pregnancy discomforts and preparing you for birth. Leveraging your doula's expertise virtually can lead to a smoother pregnancy and labor experience.

Emotional support

Beyond physical assistance, a doula provides constant emotional support. As you navigate the physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy, a doula offers stability and compassion. This support extends to creating a more personal and comforting birth environment, and it's readily available virtually whenever needed.

Pain management techniques
Doulas are invaluable for those wishing for a birth with minimal interventions, offering guidance on breath work and holistic pain management. Even when not physically present, a doula's voice through virtual means can significantly influence your labor experience, helping you stay aligned with your birth plan.

Evidence-based information

Doulas provide access to reliable, evidence-based information, enhancing childbirth outcomes. They help demystify the medical aspects of labor and postpartum care, ensuring you can make informed decisions confidently, supported by unbiased information, even remotely.
By understanding and leveraging these aspects of virtual doula care, you can navigate your pregnancy and birth experience with an informed, empowered approach.

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