Pregnant in a pandemic

How Pacify is bringing peace of mind to new parents during COVID-19
A message from Pacify's Chief Clinical Officer, Melanie Silverman, MS, RD, IBCLC

Pregnant moms have a lot to think about during their third trimester.  At the top of the list is the hope to have a healthy baby. From there they start thinking about how the baby will sleep and how the baby will eat.  They set up cribs and changing tables. They buy diapers and wipes. They shop for clothes and bibs. They pack a hospital bag and make frequent visits to their OB/GYN.  

You know what’s not normally on the list?  Global pandemics.  Pregnant moms don't worry about having enough toilet paper or hand sanitizer.  They don’t worry about giving birth alone, or having to keep their new baby away from grandparents who are at high risk for a potentially deadly pathogen.  They don't worry about ventilators or N95 respirator masks.  Now, because of COVID-19, pregnant women do - adding anxiety, fear, and stress to an already challenging journey into parenthood.  

Pacify is on the front lines taking care of moms delivering babies into this frightening new world of ventilators and N95 respirator masks.  Moms calling our network have always been on the anxious side, but now, it’s worse.  In most areas of the U.S., access to reliable lactation support is becoming scarce because mothers are discharged early from the hospital and outpatient clinics are closed. Some moms are too afraid to leave their homes with their new babies under shelter-in-place, and wouldn’t make an in-person appointment anyway. 


The number of moms calling Pacify has increased about 25% so far - and we expect it to rise even more.  The amount of time moms spend on the calls is extending, and our providers describe moms feeling alone, sad, and scared for their babies, themselves and their families.

While telemedicine is not a substitute for in-person breastfeeding support, it’s pretty close.  Pacify has no control over this global pandemic, but we can provide the most knowledgeable and supportive lactation consultants in the business.  We’ve always had great reviews from our callers, but the comments coming from moms are showing a deeper thanks and appreciation for having the ability to connect with a lactation the minute they need help.  

"(Our provider) was very empathetic with us during this time of a worldwide pandemic.  She gave us some suggestions that we hadn't yet tried.  I liked that she asked me what I already knew and what I had tried before giving me a lot of information.  She gave me two websites to research as well.  Thank you!"

Pacify caller

In an effort to keep all new parents connected and informed during these uncertain times, I'll be hosting live Q&As every Friday at 1:30pm EST, on Pacify's Instagram LIVE starting tomorrow.

To tune in
1 - Visit Pacify's instagram (@pacifyapp) at the time of the live stream and click our logo graphic, which will have a colorful circle around it indicating there is a live stream in-progress.  If you're prompted, select “Watch Live Video”.
2 - When you're connected you'll see me on your screen! Feel free to write a hello in the comment box, and ask as many pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby-related questions as you like! Your messages will appear in the live feed and I'll do my best to read and answer as many questions on-air as time allows.

Remember, you're never alone - we're all in this together, and Pacify is here 24/7 to answer your questions about how to keep your baby fed, healthy, and safe.  There are so many uncertainties around this pandemic, but one thing is for sure - Pacify can and will continue to support as many moms as possible for as long as they need.

All my best,



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