Three questions to ask your doctor or midwife

Why should I go to the doctor or midwife?
It’s important to go to all of your doctor or midwife visits when you are pregnant. Your doctor or midwife can help you prepare to take care of yourself and your baby.

It’s very important to ask your doctor or midwife any questions you have about your body and your baby. Remember that there are no bad questions! It’s important you know what is happening.

Here are three questions to help get you started:

    What did you find during my visit? Ask your doctor or midwife to explain what happens during every single visit. You have the right to know.

    How should I stay healthy? Your doctor or midwife can give you advice about your diet and or exercise plan while pregnant. Your stress level is also important. Your doctor or midwife may have suggestions for you to reduce stress in your life.

    Can you look at my Birth Wish List? Share your Birth Wish List with your doctor or midwife. Keep in mind that you can change your birth plan as you learn more about your body and what you want. If you need a Birth Wish List, it’s available right here.