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Our mission at Pacify has always been to transform maternal and child health, using new technology to give parents access to professional help when they need it most. Two years on, we have made extraordinary progress. Our dedicated networks of lactation consultants, nutritionists, and nurses are now live 24/7 in all 50 states. We are available on both iOS and Android, and new moms and dads who have the Pacify mobile app are able to connect, face-to-face, for expert care in 3 minutes or less! No appointments, no waiting, and no limit to the number of calls a parent can make. It’s a level of care and access that only Pacify provides.

We are launching this new website to highlight two new, exciting ways to access Pacify. The first – Pacify’s baby shower gift – is designed to shake-up the stale world of shower gifting. The Pacify shower gift gives the recipient 3 months of unlimited access to Pacify’s professional networks. Add in some tasty treats for mom and a beautiful box and you’ve got the most exciting thing to hit the world of baby showers since the rattle.

The second is the new Pacify for Organizations page. We’re highlighting the exciting work that we’re doing with public health programs and other health care companies that focus on maternal and child health. These relationships are allowing Pacify to tackle disparities in both access and outcomes in family healthcare.

Let us know what you think of the new website, and if you think Pacify might be a good partner for your organization, please be in touch! We’re available all the time at [email protected].

Much Love,

The Pacify Team

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