Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship Recipient – Meet Errin

Pacify is thrilled to announce that we have awarded the Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship to our winner in Ohio, Errin Weaver!

Read more about Errin and why she's excited to become an IBCLC.

Why I Want to Be an IBCLC

Errin Weaver

What made you want to become an IBCLC?

I have found in my work as a perinatal support specialist that there is a gap which must be filled in supporting mothers with the proper tools to encourage breastfeeding. I have found that many of the mothers in my community are being induced early, have an immense amount of home stressors, are undergoing cesareans, and more which all have the potential to make the breastfeeding journey all the more challenging. Becoming an IBCLC will allow me to extend and deepen the work I provide to my clients, and in turn my community, to provide the tips, techniques, and tools to walk with my clients along the way.

What impact do you hope to make as an IBCLC?

I aim to serve as a resource for the women in my community to create and sustain breastfeeding practices which support the holistic health of both mom and baby. I hope to offer culturally competent care which makes breast feeding techniques accessible, and success attainable however that may look for each mother.

Why is winning Pacify's Diversity in Lactation Scholarship is meaningful to you?

Winning this scholarship is meaningful in that it allows me access to networks and knowledge in order to provide optimal service to my clients with the hopes of fortifying my community. The dismal outcomes for Black women and babies shines a light on the possibility that the health system is failing the Black community. We must take steps to increase representation on all fronts and ensure equity in order to begin to shift this narrative. This effort by Pacify is a step toward that end.

About the Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship

Pacify is committed to playing an active role in promoting diversity within the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) community. Our scholarship, which we award with partners across the country, covers up to $1000 of the costs associated with becoming a first-time IBCLC.

Learn more about our Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship here.

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