Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship Recipient – Meet Alexa

Pacify is thrilled to announce that we have awarded the Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship to our winner in Kentucky, Alexa Hughes!

Read more about Alexa and why she's excited to become an IBCLC.

Why I Want to Be an IBCLC

Alexa Hughes

What made you want to become an IBCLC?

As a birth doula I learned the importance of breastfeeding and the struggles followed by the realization I did not have black or brown lactation consultant on any level to refer my clients to. I truly believe in the saying, "Be the change you want to see in the world". So here we are. 🙂

How do you hope to make a difference as an IBCLC?

I plan to not only take care of the black lactating people of Louisville but of Kentucky. As a black person from the outskirts of Louisville, I know what it is to be forgotten about. There are not many programs or resources for us in rural areasThe chance of having a teacher that looks like you is something I never experienced, let alone a health care provider. I plan to focus on providing lactation education and support to both city and rural areas that are so often left out. Even though KY has an average of 700 home births a year.

Why is winning Pacify's Diversity in Lactation Scholarship is meaningful to you?

It is very hard to be innovative in Kentucky, where perinatal health professionals like IBCLCs are not well known nor respected at times. As we do live in a society where breastfeeding is presumed to be "so easy" by some people. It can be very hard to find unbiased & positive advice, support, scholarships, and mentors. Today, I did not feel that. You not only offered me a scholarship, but unbiased mentorship. There were no rules or regulations that said I must use the money on national led (white led) lactation courses. Just simply support. THANK YOU! I'm honored to represent Kentucky as a Pacify Scholarship winner!

About the Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship

Pacify is committed to playing an active role in promoting diversity within the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) community. Our scholarship, which we award with partners across the country, covers up to $1000 of the costs associated with becoming a first-time IBCLC.

Learn more about our Diversity in Lactation Consulting Scholarship here.

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