Top tips for finding the right doula


Research highlights the myriad of advantages that come with doula support during childbirth. Yet, embarking on the journey to find the ideal doula can appear overwhelming. You're on the quest to choose a companion for one of life’s most pivotal moments – welcoming your child. Here are five essential tips to help you find the doula that resonates with you.

Begin your search as soon as you can. Many opt to wait until passing the 12-week milestone to share their pregnancy news, which is a fine time to start looking for a doula. Aim to initiate this process by your second trimester at the latest. Securing the perfect match may require time, as doulas often book their schedules well in advance. Given doulas’ distinctive on-call commitments, their availability can be limited. An early start can alleviate much of this stress.

Ensure your partner is fully supportive of hiring a doula. It’s not uncommon for partners to feel somewhat eclipsed or anxious about the idea, fearing displacement in the birthing space. Yet, in reality, a skilled doula collaborates closely with the partner, enhancing the support system for the expectant mother. This teamwork allows for a more comprehensive support structure than would be possible alone. It also offers the partner moments of respite, guilt-free. If your partner is hesitant, introducing them to the proven benefits of doula support may help. Cohesion between the couple and the doula is key for effective support.

Reflect on your motivations for seeking a doula's support. While the benefits are widespread (including a notable decrease in cesarean rates), your personal reasons for engaging a doula are paramount. Whether it's for managing a specific health scenario, desiring a VBAC, expecting multiples, dealing with high-risk conditions, or overcoming previous birth trauma, your needs will dictate the type of doula you seek. Identifying your preferences for a doula’s demeanor – be it soothing and gentle or more assertive and proactive – is crucial, even if you're still defining your exact needs.

Don’t limit yourself to interviewing just one doula. Although it adds another item to your pre-baby to-do list, the effort is worthwhile. Seek referrals from friends, colleagues, prenatal class instructors, healthcare providers, and anyone in your circle. Beyond gathering names, understand why these doulas come highly recommended to ensure alignment with your expectations. Visit their websites to explore their offerings, pricing, and to get a feel for their personality and philosophy.

Finally, engage in sincere dialogue to gauge compatibility. This step can feel a bit like a blind date, complete with the initial awkward exchanges leading up to a more profound connection. Alongside your partner, meet potential doulas to sense that essential chemistry. While it’s wise to come prepared with questions, the key is the natural flow of conversation, the ease of sharing a laugh or personal anecdotes. Beyond their qualifications or experience, your comfort with them is paramount. As you navigate this vulnerable journey, feeling at ease with your birth team is imperative from the outset.

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