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Empowering the maternity journey with Doula-led support

Our experience is simple – our impact is anything but

Pacify is revolutionizing maternity care by fostering genuine connections between new parents and our network of maternal care experts. We ensure a smooth journey into parenthood with continuous support and guidance. Through personalized care, we empower individuals and families to navigate parenthood confidently. Our diverse team of knowledgeable doulas and lactation consultants offer in-person and virtual support, enhanced by modern technology, making expert care accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Support from pregnancy to parenthood

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Download the Pacify app to connect with our nationwide network of Doulas, Lactation Consultants, and Nurses throughout your pregnancy journey.

Support includes birth planning and prenatal support as well as on-demand lactation support, day or night. Pacify Doulas are available virtually nationwide with complimentary in-person support in select markets.

With Pacify, our partners:

Improve population health

13% ↑ prenatal visits &
32% ↑ in postpartum care

Reduce costs
Savings of $850 per-infant for parents enrolled in Pacify
Engage patients & members
Average rating of 4.9/5 stars

Hear why our partners choose Pacify

"I have more and more of my mamas using Pacify. They can not say enough wonderful things about the help they are getting. It can be just a confirmation of something they were wondering about and what they need to do, or ‘full on’ help with baby latching difficulties."

- RN, CCM at Evolent Health

"Our health plan partnered with Pacify prior to our implementation as a health plan in 2019. The team has always been so easy to work with and very responsive. We continue to hear and receive positive reviews regarding their interactions when they call as well as the ease in access of enrolling with Pacify. My experience has been excellent working with Pacify. If only we could replicate this partnership with our other vendors! We appreciate the partnership and collaboration."

- WSCC Director, Care Coordination

“Families tell me how easy it is to use the Pacify app, especially those who have just delivered or who have other children at home. The questions asked may vary but the impact is the same: Families feel the app is so helpful to getting their questions answered in the environment of their choice, feeling supported and validated.

- Breastfeeding Counselor, Community Outreach, and Health Equity Co-Lead for MCFH at PDPH

“When I call Pacify I feel like I have that extra support and extra information that I need. Moms also feel more comfortable and confident when they have an expert at their side. As a peer counselor, you can call them and ask them in case you need to reassure certain information. It’s extra support for moms but extra support for us, too.

- WIC Peer Counselor at Mary's Center

"Pacify has been such a great asset to families, especially those with low incomes who have limited access to healthcare. I can’t say enough about how important this service has been to our clients."

- Executive Director, WIC Program, Elko, Nevada

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    Why Pacify?

    When it comes to questions about your baby, parents need answers fast

    Case managers and hospital staff provide crucial support for parents. But infant issues rarely happen from 9-5. And when parents at risk of losing their milk supply have nowhwere else to go for help, they end up in the ER.

    With Pacify, families get the help they need, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

    Happier parents, better outcomes, lower costs


    increase in maternal postpartum visits



    decrease in ER visits


    increase in breastfeeding exclusivity



    increase in vaccination rates


    increase in well-child visits


    Increase in breastfeeding rates


    Greater likelihood of exclusive breastfeeding


    Increase in breastfeeding initiation rates

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